The Network

An existing network: a strategy of versatility

The teams involved in the project, already used to work together, organized in September 2014 at IRCAM the «Unfold Mechanics for Sounds and Music» colloquium. On this occasion, as geometers and acousticians, we discussed non-linear vibration, from its modelling to its control, and its potential impact on sound synthesis and music performance. Similarly, the aim of the current project is to re-enforce our network in order to support research devoted to geometric methods (in a broad sense) in mechanics and control theory, and to facilitate interaction between theory and applications.

After the colloquium, French and European eminent experts have agreed to enhance the quality of the consortium (see members below). The “Institut de Calcul et de la Simulation” of “Sorbonne Université” (ICS), offering supercomputing facilities and services, is also part of the project. Based on a pre-existing team of multidisciplinary experts, the UMN network is also consolidated by  an industrial partner.

Cooperation between mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and leaders in industry is needed to achieve the goal of the project since each member of the network – laboratory or company – is a link in the chain from the most theoretical aspect to concrete industrial proofed applications.


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